Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day Personalized Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

While driving home the other day I came up with the idea to create a gift for my sister-in-law for Mother's Day. I thought using Swarovski Crystal in the birthstones of my nieces, nephew and Patty, my sister-in-law. But that wasn't enough. I wanted to really personalize it, so I added sterling silver initial toy box letters to really make it special.

Jan - Garnet
Feb - Amethyst
Mar - Aquamarine
Apr - Crystal
May - Emerald
June - Lt. Amethyst
July - Ruby
Aug - Peridot
Sept - Sapphire
Oct - Rose
Nov - Topaz
Dec - Blue Zircon

Buy it for the special mom in your life!

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