Sunday, June 7, 2009

Especial de Domingo - Jen Kiaba Photography on Etsy

Time for another addition of the Una Tia Especial Sunday Special!

Today I've chosen to spotlight Jen Kiaba. Jen is a wonderfully talented photographer and a very nice person to boot! ;-) I discovered her work through Etsy Secrets and I discovered her personality through Twitter and Facebook. She is always supportive and offers really great photography tutorials. Her tutorial on Picassa is a must see!

Her photos are unique and interesting. They make you want to look deeper. Take "Under My Toes" for instance. If you enlarge the image, there are subtle pink flowers on the ground.

I love how she uses different hues to really capture the essence of the photo:

Jen's work is outstanding! Visit her blog here!

And make sure to check out her awesome Etsy store!:

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