Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buckeye Wire Wrap

O - H 

I - O

If you know anything about Columbus, Ohio, you know it's Buckeye Central.  This town goes absolutely nuts for THE Ohio State University Buckeyes.  I fought it hard.   It took me six years to be converted.  But they got me.

Go Buckeyes!

I got the idea to do this bracelet after taking a beginning wire wrap class at 1 Stop.  I thought it was a fun way to support the Buckeyes and remain fashionable!


Mo - Nic - A! said...

OK I am so not a Buckeye fan, but I may consider cheering them on wearing one of these!!!! It's simply fantastic!!!!

Una Tia Especial said...

You know, I can make one without the buckeyes and scarlet and gray. Just tell me who your favorite team is and I can substitute the colors!